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Mission: Wolf operates on volunteer labor, solar power, and donated materials, you can be sure that 100% of your donation will go to help our wolves. General donations go to support the overall daily well being and care of Mission:Wolf You may also choose to donate to our Land Trust Fund to preserve the surrounding land of Mission:Wolf. Were wild wolves to one day return to Colorado, this would offer them a home untainted by human influence. You may also choose to donate to our Crimson Fund, which helps pay for veterinary care for our animals. **IF THIS IS A GIFT: If this is a gift or in memory of a loved one, please add a note with a short explanation/description of your wishes. This can be done once the item has been placed in your shopping cart. 

John Ramer Photography

Internationally published award winning landscape and wildlife photographer. "When I photograph something it is with the intent of sharing how I feel in that moment, in that space and time. It is intimate and personal... I work full time with wild animals in sanctuary. Most all of my photos of wild animals are from these sanctuaries. I currently live and work with wolves at Mission: Wolf - a remote sanctuary and nature center in the mountains of Colorado." - John Ramer

Kent Weber

Kent Weber, Co-Founder and Executive DirectorKent has spent the past three decades as an experiential educator working to provide a home for rescued animals. His patience and skill as a teacher have benefited thousands of volunteers and visitors over the years. He is the main spokesperson for the traveling Ambassador Wolf Program and has inspired countless people to care. Kent has profound architectural knowledge from his background in construction management and applies this knowledge to making the sanctuary sustainable through solar power and passive solar design. Kent wears many different hats at the sanctuary. You might find him in the Mission: Wolf tool shop teaching new volunteers how to build something for the first time, talking about group psychology to a bunch of high school students, or explaining wolf-dog regulations to someone on the phone. During the summer, the one hat you can count on him wearing almost every day is his cowboy hat.

Tracy Ane Brooks

I became involved in Mission: Wolf in 1989. Since that time, and throughout my life, I strived to work for something that I could believe in for my entire life. Something larger then myself. Of course, doing what I love has been important to me since I was very young. I have been blessed with so many opportunities to be around incredible animals who inspire me. I have worked hard to express how inspired I feel by animals through various forms of art, photography, silver work, and writing. This is how I feel I can share my love for these creatures.  

Wolf Caretaker

By becoming a wolf caretaker at M:W, your support directly helps to feed the resident wolves. In return, you will receive a beautiful 8x10 full color photo of your chosen wolf. Additionally, you will receive a subscription to our newsletter Wolf Visions, a M:W decal sticker, a personalized certificate, a piece of naturally shed wolf fur, and a biography of your sponsored wolf.