Apollo Caretaker

Apollo we believe was born on April 27th 2010. At only a few weeks of age, he was advertised on Craigs List as a free Husky/Shepherd-cross. The new owner, a private dog trainer from Boulder, drove all the way to Spokane, Washington to pick up little Apollo, who at the time was still so young that he needed to be bottle-fed. The two bonded very closely, but soon enough the wolf in Apollo began to show. At a routine checkup, a vet identified Apollo as having a good amount of wolf in him. After researching the difficulties of taking care of a wolf-dog, Apollos owner realized that he would be unable to care for his puppy as he grew into an independent, part-wild canine. Further research also led the young man to the conclusion that Apollo would have a much easier time accepting a new home the sooner he was moved. After looking into possible wolf rescues, Apollos owner decided to give his young puppy a home at Mission: Wolf.

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