Abe Caretaker

Abraham, better known as Abe, was found running loose in the streets of Salt Lake City in 2007 at four months of age. His long legs, webbed feet, big head, narrow chest, and amber colored eyes were all classic wolf characteristics. By law the shelter that had taken him in could not find a home for Abe once he was identified as a wolf-dog, and he was to be euthanized. Abe was a very gregarious, happy and social animal when he arrived and so quickly learned to love visitors. Magpie, our ambassador wolf, was alone and needed companionship. She was delighted to meet him and they bonded quickly. As a pup, Abe looked and acted like a wild wolf with few dog traits. By two years of age, some question if little Abe had much wolf ancestry at all. Regardless of his background, Abe and Magpie make a dynamic team and thrive on meeting new people and exploring the country with the wolf bus.

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