Asia Caretaker

Asia, and her litter mates, Buku, Oreo, and Batman were born in the spring of 2009 in a dog shelter, two days before their mother (Valley Spirit) was to be transported to Mission:Wolf. The pups and Valley arrived at the refuge with a male wolf hybrid named Talon who had been confiscated from the same property. Talon was placed in the vet building while Valley and the pups were taken to an enclosure. When we opened the kennel Valley almost immediatly began to explore her new home, and within a few minutes discovered an old den. She immediatly cleaned out the den and one by one carried her pups down to it. The next few weeks staff did not see any of the pups, though Valley was starting to become very friendly.

When the pups finally did emerge, staff were shocked to see what looked to be four lab pups stumble out of the den. We had assumed that Talon, who looks very wolf-like, was the pups' father, but have now recieved information that the pups' father is actually a pit bull. Asia is the only female of the litter and as the pups grew, she proved to be the most social of her siblings. She lived in our socialization pen with another rescue named Minigan, for about a year.

Though Asia looks very much like a dog, her behaviour proved to be more wolf-like and she became very protective over the fridge in the staff building, showing us that she would not make a good house pet. We moved Asia back in with Valley and Talon and the three have become a very happy family.

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