Max Caretaker

Max is a Canadian grey wolf that was born at a private facility in Canada in May of 2008 and sold as a wolf-dog cross. Although he is represented as a wolf-dog we see little to no dog traits in him. For two years he was raised by a caring, dedicated family that worked hard to offer him a lifelong home. He had a big secure yard, was raised by two family dogs and was fed the best food available. The owners did much research and sought out professional training. As Max matured he became independent and hard to travel with. The owners had multiple residences and traveled frequently. He also got into a conflict with and injured the neighbors dog. The couple saw the writing on the wall and realized that Max would not be content or accept life traveling. A professional dog trainer they were working with recommended Mission: Wolf and assisted in the transport here. His owners have agreed to sponsor Max for the rest of his life in order to help provide for his care.

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