Lil' Hailey Star Caretaker

Lil’ Hailey Star is a black phase female Grey wolf that was born in the spring of 2009 at Bear Country, a wildlife safari park in South Dakota. She came to Mission: Wolf as part of a group of seven puppies. Because the failing economy had affected the Park, these pups had not been sold and they did not have room to keep them. Magpie and Abe eagerly took them in and just as the pups started to settle into life, Little Hailey was discovered hiding in the den with a serious wound in her back. She was the smallest of the eight and was picked on by the rest of the pack; she also has a deformity on her front leg. Petite Hailey Adams, a Mission: Wolf staff member, volunteer to crawl 15 feet into the den headfirst and hold into the injured puppy while we pulled her into backwards by a rope tied around her legs. It worked, and we named the recovered pup Hailey in honor of his healthy rescuer.

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