Magpie Caretaker

Magpie is our lead Ambassador Wolf. Nicknamed Maggie, she was one of two females born in April 2002 in South Carolina to British Colombian and Arctic Wolf parents. Magpie and her sister Raven were not used by the trainer and were in need of a home. At only 4 months of age Maggie and Raven arrived at Mission: Wolf and were instantly the stars of the refuge. That fall, her and her sister climbed onto the wolf bus to travel the country with the ambassador wolf program. On tour, Raven was the clown who loved being the center of attention. Maggie was more timid and seemed intrusting of the outside world, yet once she got in front of an audience she soaked up the attention and happily greeted everyone. Maggie is still the star of our Ambassador Pack and is one of our most social animals.

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