McKinley Caretaker

McKinley was born in April 2005 at Wolf Country USA in Palmer, Alaska. She was sold as a high content wolf dog to a couple in Colorado. She lived in the house with her owners for two years until they got divorced and sold their home. Mckinley was then found by a realtor in the back yard of the house. She was taken to a dog local shelter, where do to a mistake made by one of their staff, she bit someone. Most wild animals that bite a person are destroyed and tested for rabies. Luckily, other wolf rescue folks stepped in to prevent her from being destroyed but had to transfer her to another shelter. A professional dog trainer was able to pick her up as the wolf bus was returning to the refuge from a long tour. We all met at the refuge and watched as McKinley explored her new home at Mission:Wolf in the Fall of 2008.

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