Rosie-Valkyrie Caretaker

Rosie Valkyrie (Val) and her brother Tiger were born in captivity at a private wolf sanctuary in Florida on March 12th, 2013. With help from M:W staff Pietro and Robyn, the two infants were bottle fed as they traveled across the US and arrived at M:W at very young age of four weeks. The two pups quickly adapted to their new Rocky Mountain environment and were ready to explore the fresh snow in just a few days. As they learned to eat solid food and gained mobility with their clumsy legs - the two demanded to explore outside and quickly disappeared in the deep snow. They only lasted a few minutes in their first snowy adventure before they scrambled back into the warmth and safety of their new home. Rosie and Tiger were raised by Abe, Maggie, and Zeab for a year and a half. They now have their own enclosure after rebelling against mom and dad for leadership. Rosie, while shy in nature, will brave visitors on occasion and is a highlight on tours at the refuge.

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