Saurya Caretaker

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Fondly referred to as our “April Fool’s Baby,” Saurya (Shuh-rye- a) was born at Washington Park Zoo in Indiana, as part of an accidental litter of puppies that the facility could not care for. Our staff drove halfway across the country to Lincoln, NE to pick up little Saurya along with her sister Chakra, who now resides at Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center in Divide, CO.

Saurya, a pure wolf, was timid and unsure about meeting people upon her arrival to the sanctuary. But after a month of acclimating to life in the mountains, she began to cautiously investigate her surroundings. In late June of 2017, Saurya and her foster sister Nashira were introduced to the Ambassador Pack and were warmly greeted by Magpie, Abraham, and Zeab.The five of them now live happily together as the pups gradually learn from their elders. Despite her shyness, Saurya has very much displayed her wild side, as she frequently beats her older sister in wrestling matches, and, much like her predecessors at the sanctuary, she enjoys climbing on the roof of the old cabin in her enclosure to survey her domain.

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