Soleil Caretaker

Soleil (French for “sun”) was born in February 2005 at an exotic animal breeding facility in Ohio. A West Virginia man with a fascination for wolves bought her, convinced she could be a pet. Soleil ended up attached to a 30-foot chain in his back yard, running to the end of her chain and soiling herself whenever anyone approached. After several months, her frustrated owner decided to shoot this “hopeless” blonde wolf pup. His neighbor saw what was going on and convinced Soleil’s owner that there was another alternative. After much planning and worry, the neighbor coordinated with a volunteer pilot from Flying Paws. Flying Paws is an amazing group of big-hearted people devoted to helping homeless animals find a forever home. Just after sunset on Sunday, September 25th, Soleil arrived at her new home. As she took her first timid steps around our vet building, we all fell in love with her. Soleil has been inseparable from her mate, Orion. They are two of our most in love couples. Unfortunately, with age, she has started developing cataracts in her eyes.

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