Texx Caretaker

Texx was born in January 2005 and sold to a family as a pet in Texas. Texx is very tall, as shy as they come, and has lots of wolf traits.He was purchased as a pup and raised as a pet for an unknown time before he was either turned loose or escaped on his own. He managed to survive several months running free around Texas neighborhoods. He learned to go to various backyards at night and scavenge dog food to survive. When he was young not too many people paid attention, but as his presence and size became more noticeable, so did the neighbors concern for safety. They we able to get Texx into a huge airline carrier and loaded him up in the back of their little truck. They arrived at M:W in a snowstorm with deep drifts, soon Texx found himself stuck in a cage in the back of a truck in a deep snow drift. With some patience and lots of shovels and chains we finally got Texx up to the refuge and took him down to investigate his new home.

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