Valley Spirit Caretaker

Valley Spirit (known as Mamma) As well as another wolf hybrid named Talon were confiscated from their owner by animal control, and taken to a local shelter. Since they were both thought to be part wild animal the shelter could not adopt out either Talon or Mamma. Mission: Wolf was contacted and we agreed to take the two animals. With the help of the Dog Whisperer television show we were able to gain the funds and means to transport the animals to the refuge. Two days before she was to arrive Mamma gave birth to four, Buku, Batman, Oreo, Asia, pups while still in the shelter. The six arrived at the refuge in the spring of 2009. Staff carried the crate containing Mamma and the pups down to a wooded enclosure. When we opened the crates door Mamma immediatly began investigating her new home.

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